Every week, YouTube and various music apps showcase the most popular K-Pop music videos, and the first week of June 2024 brought an exciting new ranking.

This year, the chart features a mix of fan favorites and fresh hits, capturing the vibrant and dynamic essence of the K-Pop industry.

The Dominance of aespa – kpop stars

  1. Armageddon by aespa

    Aespa’s “Armageddon” leads the pack with its captivating visuals and compelling narrative. The video portrays a dark and intense atmosphere, symbolizing life’s challenges and the journey towards self-discovery. The group’s powerful performance and the song’s deep lyrics resonate strongly with viewers.

  2. Supernova by aespa

    Following closely is another hit from aespa, “Supernova.” This anthem celebrates inner cosmic energy and the relentless pursuit of self-awareness. The song’s catchy chorus and uplifting message of invincibility have made it a global sensation.

Solo Star Power – kpop as an individual

  1. I’m Ready by Chung Ha

    Chung Ha’s “I’m Ready” from her latest album “Eenie Meenie” has garnered significant attention. The song’s lyrics reflect themes of resilience and preparation for life’s hurdles. Chung Ha’s emotive delivery and the song’s inspiring message have struck a chord with many.

Energetic and Bold Performances

  1. HEYA by IVE

    IVE’s “HEYA” is a bold declaration of desire and ambition. The song’s dynamic beat and assertive lyrics, featuring references like “Tiger eyes” and “Claws,” depict a hunter’s determination. The energetic performance and compelling narrative have made it a favorite among fans.

  2. Midas Touch by Kiss of Life

    Inspired by the mythical King Midas, “Midas Touch” by Kiss of Life explores themes of attraction and the thrill of dangerous love. The song’s playful yet cautionary lyrics, combined with its ’90s hip-hop funk and early 2000s percussion, have captivated a wide audience.

Songs of Dedication and Discovery – kpop

  1. WORK by ATEEZ

    ATEEZ’s “WORK” is an anthem of diligence and dedication. The song highlights the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving dreams. Its portrayal of luxury and success underscores the group’s message of relentless productivity.

  2. How Sweet by New Jeans

    New Jeans’ “How Sweet” addresses the liberation found after escaping a toxic relationship. The song uses vivid metaphors to illustrate the sweetness of freedom and self-discovery. Its relatable theme and catchy melody have made it a hit.

Themes of Aspiration and Forbidden Emotions – Kpop


    SEVENTEEN’s “MAESTRO” combines versatility and innovation, showcasing the group’s aspiration to influence the global music scene. The song’s themes of leadership and collective effort are reinforced by its energetic and uplifting vibe.

  2. Accendio by IVE

    “Accendio,” translating to “Setting on Fire,” is another hit from IVE. The song’s lyrics delve into mysticism and forbidden emotions, blending Korean and English to create a captivating narrative. Its evocative imagery has enthralled fans.

Newfound Romance – Kpop

  1. Magnetic by ILLIT

ILLIT’s “Magnetic” rounds out the list with its tale of newfound love. The song’s lyrics depict the excitement and intensity of a budding romance. The video’s enchanting visuals and heartfelt performance have made it a must-watch.

Conclusion – Kpop’s most viewed videos so far

These top 10 K-Pop music videos of 2024 showcase a diverse range of themes and styles, from resilience and ambition to love and self-discovery. Each video captivates viewers with its unique story and powerful visuals, making them the most watched and beloved K-Pop hits of the year. What’s your favorite song from this list? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Altselection/k-selection