South Korean singer Ailee has taken to social media to confirm her romantic relationship with a businessman, signaling a significant milestone in her personal life. The announcement, verified by her agency, unveils the singer’s plans for marriage next year.

Sharing her sentiments with fans, Ailee expressed gratitude for their genuine congratulations, acknowledging that the news may have come as a surprise. “I know you must have been surprised by the news of my relationship, but I am truly grateful for the sincere congratulations,” said Ailee in her social media post on Tuesday.

Describing the current state of her relationship, Ailee emphasized, “We are in a beautiful relationship,” and appealed for ongoing support from her followers. Hinting at future developments, she alluded to forthcoming good news, subtly indicating potential plans for marriage.

Ailee conveyed a range of emotions regarding the timing of the public disclosure. “I wanted to be the first to share the happy news when I was ready. It feels like that opportunity was taken from me, and honestly, that’s a bit upsetting,” she expressed.

Her agency also confirmed the relationship, revealing that the couple’s introduction occurred through a mutual acquaintance.

This proactive approach by Ailee and her agency reflects the increasing trend of celebrities utilizing social media to directly engage with their audience, choosing to take control of their own narratives outside of traditional media channels.