• South Korea bids farewell to Fu Bao, the beloved panda, as she leaves for China.
  • Crowds flocked to her public viewing, and her social media presence was immensely popular.
  • Heartfelt messages poured in, and her bond with her zookeeper drew admiration.
  • Fu Bao leaves behind a legacy of joy and inspiration.

South Korea prepares to say goodbye to its beloved celebrity panda, Fu Bao, as she embarks on her journey to her new home in China. Ever since her birth in 2020, Fu Bao has captured the hearts of millions, becoming a symbol of joy and comfort at Everland Resort’s Panda World in Yongin city.

During the last week of Fu Bao’s public viewing earlier this month, fans endured wait times of 5-6 hours just to catch a fleeting glimpse of the adored bear as the park managed the influx of visitors. On her final day, Fu Bao received heartwarming farewell gifts, including a panda family doll made from bamboo, a bouquet of flowers, and heart-shaped pieces of bread from her dedicated keepers at Everland.

Fu Bao’s impact extended beyond the confines of the park, with her social media presence garnering widespread attention. Everland’s YouTube channel amassed over 1.2 million subscribers and more than 500 million cumulative views, showcasing the immense popularity of the charming panda. Heartfelt messages flooded the channel, expressing deep sadness at Fu Bao’s departure but also sharing warm memories and well-wishes for her future.

The endearing bond between Fu Bao and her zookeeper, Kang Chul-won, also became a focal point of public admiration. Kang, often referred to as Fu Bao’s “grandpa,” shared a touching farewell message, acknowledging the special love and support they received from the Korean people, especially during the challenging times of the Covid pandemic.

Fu Bao’s journey from an adorable cub to a beloved celebrity panda was marked by endearing moments shared on social media. Videos capturing her playful interactions with Kang, her unwillingness to let go, and her affectionate gestures further endeared her to the public, cementing her status as a cherished icon.

As South Korea bids adieu to Fu Bao, her departure marks the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy of joy and inspiration. The memories of her gentle spirit and endearing presence will forever hold a special place in the hearts of those who had the privilege of encountering this remarkable giant panda.

Source: CNN