• Lisa of Blackpink to Debut in The White Lotus:
    • Acting debut in HBO’s third season
    • Filming in Thailand, partnership with Tourism Authority
  • Key Highlights About Lisa:
    • Soft-power icon for Thailand
    • Founder of record label LLOUD
    • Following Jennie’s acting footsteps
  • Controversies and Achievements:
    • Cabaret performance in Crazy Horse Paris
    • Holds seven Guinness World Records
  • Ensemble Cast and Season Details:
    • Release in 2025 after production delays
    • Lisa joins star-studded cast for global appeal
  • Global Impact and Collaboration:
    • Lisa’s potential to boost viewership in Asia
    • WarnerMedia’s active efforts in the region

In a groundbreaking move, global K-pop phenomenon Blackpink’s Lisa, also known as Lalisa Manobal, is gearing up for her acting debut in the third season of the Emmy-winning drama series, The White Lotus. As HBO collaborates with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the production promises to showcase the beauty of Southeast Asia, with filming locations spanning Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok.

Blackpink’s Lisa Joins Star-Studded Cast The upcoming season boasts an ensemble cast featuring Lisa alongside Natasha Rothwell, Leslie Bibb, Dom Hetrakul, and more. This strategic move not only enhances Lisa’s global appeal but also aligns with WarnerMedia’s efforts to expand viewership in Asia. The season is set for release in 2025, following production delays.

Key Highlights About Lisa’s Journey:

  1. Soft-Power Icon for Thailand: Lisa, the only non-ethnically-Korean Blackpink member, is hailed as a soft-power icon in Thailand, earning accolades from the culture ministry. Her cultural ambassador leader award recognizes her efforts in promoting Thailand worldwide.
  2. Founder of Record Label LLOUD: Lisa recently unveiled her record label, LLOUD, dedicated to showcasing her vision in music and entertainment. The label’s commitment to innovation and authenticity aligns with Lisa’s pursuit of artistic freedom post the extension of Blackpink’s group contract.
  3. Following Jennie’s Acting Footsteps: Lisa’s foray into acting follows fellow Blackpink member Jennie’s Hollywood debut in HBO series The Idol. Despite the show’s cancellation, Jennie received widespread acclaim for her authentic portrayal.
  4. Controversial Cabaret Performance: Lisa stirred controversy with her performance at Crazy Horse Paris, becoming the first K-pop idol featured in the renowned cabaret. The spectacle garnered attention from global celebrities but faced criticism in China for its risque nature.
  5. Guinness World Records Galore: Lisa holds an impressive seven Guinness World Records, solidifying her solo career success. From record-breaking YouTube views for “Lalisa” to being the most-followed K-pop artist on Instagram, Lisa continues to redefine K-pop milestones.

Source: Time