• K-pop sensation Nchive debuts with EP ‘Drive’ aiming for Grammy success.
  • The six-member boy band showcases their passion and creativity.
  • Lead track “Racer” highlights their energy and innovation.

In an electrifying debut, the newest K-pop sensation, Nchive, has burst onto the scene with their highly anticipated three-track EP titled “Drive.” This talented boy band is poised to set a fresh trend in the K-pop industry through their innovative music and captivating performances.

During a dazzling showcase at the prestigious Ilchi Art Hall in southern Seoul, member Yuchan shared the ambitious dream of the group, stating, “We aspire to clinch the prestigious Grammy Awards.” Echoing this sentiment, member Ha.L added, “While our ultimate goal is to seize the Grammy Awards, we are committed to achieving this milestone through a gradual and strategic approach. With this EP, we aim to secure the top spot on TV shows. Despite not hailing from a major agency, our passion knows no bounds.”

Nchive comprises six talented members, namely N, Juyoung, Yuchan, Kangsan, Ha.L, and E.aN, marking their impressive debut under the banner of the newly-established agency, Aubemoon Studio.

The EP ‘Drive’ features the dynamic lead track “Racer,” accompanied by the melodious B-side tracks “Dive in” and “Fireworks.” Described as a robust hip-hop dance number with intense and commanding beats that reflect the members’ fervor and indomitable spirit, “Racer” showcases the band’s boundless energy and creativity.

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support received, Kangsan conveyed, “Our debut with ‘Drive’ has been eagerly awaited not only by us but also by our friends, family, and devoted fans. We are determined to reciprocate the patience and anticipation shown towards us. We humbly seek your love and encouragement as we embark on this thrilling journey.”

Source: Korea JoongAn Daily