This year’s Paris Fashion Week was indeed a remarkable event for fans of Korean celebrities, with notable appearances from various stars. Let’s take a moment to appreciate their standout moments

1. Blackpink’s Jennie

Blackpink’s Jennie
Blackpink’s Jennie (Photo: @jennierubyjane / Instagram)

Jennie showcased her style prowess at the Chanel show, donning a chic ensemble that perfectly blended vintage vibes with ballet aesthetics. Her monochrome spaghetti strap dress, leather glove, and knee-high boots exuded elegance.

2. Blackpink’s Jisoo

Blackpink’s Jisoo
Blackpink’s Jisoo (Photo: @sooyaaa__ / Instagram)

Jisoo exuded confidence and sophistication at the Christian Dior fall/winter show. Her tailored suit paired with twin braids and ribbons exemplified a powerful yet feminine aesthetic, fitting for her role as the CEO of BLISSOO.

3. Blackpink’s Lisa

Blackpink’s Lisa
Blackpink’s Lisa (Photo: @lalalalisa_m / Instagram)

Lisa captivated audiences with her fashion-forward look at Paris Fashion Week. Sporting an archival Louis Vuitton outfit, including a vibrant coat and leather shorts, she effortlessly showcased her unique style.

4. Blackpink’s Rosé

Blackpink’s Rosé
Blackpink’s Rosé (Photo: @roses_are_rosie / Instagram)

Rosé made a statement at Saint Laurent with her cool and casual demeanor. Wearing a sheer Anthony Vaccarello dress and stylish shades, she epitomized laid-back sophistication.

5. Jung Ho-yeon

Jung Ho-yeon
Jung Ho-yeon (Photo: @hoooooyeony / Instagram)

Before gaining global recognition as an actress, Jung Ho-yeon shined as a model at the Louis Vuitton Women’s fall/winter show. Her outfit showcased nuanced femininity, highlighting her versatile talent in the fashion world.

6. Stray Kids’ Felix

Stray Kids’ Felix
Stray Kids’ Felix on Instagram

Breaking barriers, Felix made history by walking the women’s runway at Paris Fashion Week. As a Louis Vuitton House Ambassador, his audacious style captured attention and challenged stereotypes.

7. Stray Kids’ Seungmin

Stray Kids’ Seungmin
Stray Kids’ Seungmin (Photo: @miniverse.___ / Instagram)

Seungmin impressed with his bold fashion choice at Jonathan Anderson’s Loewe show. Pulling off a vibrant green ensemble effortlessly, he showcased his fashion-forward sensibilities.

8. Aespa’s Giselle

Aespa’s Giselle
Aespa’s Giselle (Photo: @aerichandesu / Instagram)

Giselle embraced the grunge look at Paris Fashion Week as Loewe’s brand ambassador. Her leather jacket adorned with a bow and turquoise purse elevated her edgy style.

9. Seventeen’s Jeonghan

Seventeen’s Jeonghan
Seventeen’s Jeonghan (Photo: @ jeonghaniyoo_n / Instagram)

Jeonghan made a stylish appearance at the Saint Laurent Menswear show. Wearing a silk shirt and accessorizing with a tiny crossbody bag, he added a touch of sophistication to the event.

Source: Tatler Asia