• South Korean actress Park Min-young is set to visit Manila for her first-ever fan meeting event, titled “My Brand New Day,” promising an unforgettable experience for attendees.
  • The fan meeting, scheduled for May 12 at the SM Skydome, will offer various ticket options ranging from PhP 9,500 to PhP 4,000, with exclusive merchandise and perks included based on the ticket tier.
  • Park Min-young’s upcoming fan meeting not only excites Korean drama and her fans but also fulfills a dream for the talented actress herself, showcasing her versatile acting skills and strong connection with her Filipino supporters.

Excitement is in the air for fans of the beloved South Korean actress Park Min-young, as she gears up for her highly anticipated first-ever fan meeting in Manila, Philippines. The event, titled “My Brand New Day,” promises an unforgettable experience for attendees.

Scheduled to take place at the prestigious SM Skydome on May 12 (Sunday) at 6 p.m., the fan meeting is set to be a remarkable evening filled with joy and entertainment.

Park Min-young
Source: Park Min-young via Instagram

Fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet their idol can mark their calendars for April 13, Saturday, at noon, when tickets will go on sale on CDM Entertainment’s official website. Ticket prices vary, ranging from PhP 9,500 for MVP seats to PhP 4,000 for MY Zone. Attendees can also look forward to exclusive official merchandise and exciting perks based on their ticket tier, including group photo opportunities, signed posters, goodbye sessions, MY’s special gift, and commemorative event posters.

The announcement of Park Min-young’s fan meeting has not only stirred excitement among her loyal supporters but has also been a dream come true for the talented actress herself. In a recent interview with Aubrey Carampel, Park Min-young expressed her eagerness to connect with her Filipino fans in person, alongside renowned actor Song Kang.

Addressing her fans directly, she warmly stated, “To all our Filipino fans, we would like to see you soon in person,” setting the stage for an emotional and memorable gathering in Manila.

Park Min-young, known for her stunning visuals and versatile acting prowess, has captured hearts worldwide through her performances in popular K-dramas such as “Healer,” “When The Weather is Fine,” and “Her Private Life.” Her charm extends beyond acting, as she also showcases her creativity and personality as a model and vlogger.

In June 2020, Park Min-young took her interactions with fans to new heights by launching her own YouTube channel, offering a glimpse into her life behind the camera as the authentic and relatable Park Min-young.

The upcoming fan meeting in Manila stands as a testament to the strong bond between Park Min-young and her dedicated fan base, promising an evening of shared joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Source: GMA Entertainment