If there’s one thing that’s constant, besides death and taxes, it’s that the fiery reign of k-pop shows no signs of cooling down.

So i want you to buckle up, because GRAMMY is here giving us 11 new, k-pop acts ready to explode in 2024.

Forget bubblegum melodies and synchronized routines – this year’s rookies are bringing bold energy, genre-mashing sounds, and visuals that’ll leave you breathless.

Here are 11 promising K-pop acts set to make waves in 2024, representing a diverse range of talents and influences.

From the emergence of NCT Wish to the global ambitions of KATSEYE, these groups showcase the evolving landscape of K-pop.


BLACKPINK‘s label introduces this girl group, making waves with their debut single “Batter Up.” Their bold style follows the girl crush legacy, hinting at a promising 2024 with upcoming releases.


Zico’s K’Oz Entertainment produces this boy band, offering a laid-back, peppy vibe through albums like “Who!” and “Why…” Their affable and relatable energy sets them apart in the K-pop scene.

3. I’ll It

BELIFT Lab’s new girl group, I’ll It, gained popularity through the reality show R U Next. Despite not debuting yet, their diverse lineup hints at another powerhouse from Hybe.

4. Kiss of Life (KIOF)

KIOF, a quartet with experienced members, delivered a unique debut album featuring solo tracks. Their cinematic approach, as seen in “Born to Be XX,” showcases their individual strengths within a cohesive group.


Hybe collaborates with Geffen Records to produce KATSEYE, a girl group targeting global audiences. With members from diverse backgrounds, they represent the multicultural essence of K-pop.

6. NiziU

Transitioning from J-pop to K-pop, NiziU released their first official K-pop song in 2023. Their success in Japan and the potential shown in “Heartris” hint at continued growth.


SM Entertainment’s busy year includes the rising boy band RIIZE. With chart hits and a nostalgic sound, they stand out as the first non-NCT boy band from SM since 2016.

8. NCT Wish

The Japanese subunit of NCT, NCT Wish, debuts with the energetic tracks “Hands Up” and “We Go.” As part of the NCT supergroup, they bring a dynamic and bright energy to the stage.

9. TripleS

With a unique concept, TripleS offers an immersive experience with twenty members and various subunits. Fans can support their favorites through a unique cryptocurrency, creating an interactive K-pop journey.

10. TWS

Pledis Entertainment’s first boy band since Seventeen, TWS, debuts with the album “Sparkling Blue.” Their perky title track, “Plot Twist,” showcases their synthpop sound and effervescent vocals.

11. VCHA

JYP Entertainment and Republic Records present VCHA, an all-American girl group formed through the A2K competition. With a debut album, “SeVit,” and upcoming original release, “Girls of the Year,” they aim to brighten up the world.

Source: Recording Academy GRAMMY AWARDS