In a remarkable decade-long journey, Spotify’s ‘K-Pop ON! (온)’ playlist has emerged as a powerhouse, witnessing an astounding surge of over 5,600% in yearly streams since 2015. Launched in 2014, the playlist has become a beacon for K-Pop enthusiasts worldwide, amassing over 5.3 million saves by Spotify users across the globe.

Key Highlights:

  1. 5,600% Surge: Since 2015, the yearly streams from Spotify’s K-Pop ON! playlist have skyrocketed, underlining the growing global popularity of K-Pop music.
  2. Global Reach: Top markets for the playlist include the US, Germany, and Japan, showcasing K-Pop’s universal appeal.
  3. Commemorative Series: Spotify is launching a new series of Spotify Singles featuring K-Pop artists, accompanied by exclusive video content available on the companion podcast and YouTube channel.
  4. Cross-Platform Engagement: With over 243,000 subscribers, the ‘K-Pop ON! Spotify’ YouTube channel is bridging platforms, offering engaging content to a diverse and dedicated audience.

This significant milestone highlights Spotify’s K-Pop ON playlist’s undeniable impact on the global music scene, introducing millions to the infectious beats and captivating melodies of Korean artists. Spotify, the world’s leading audio streaming platform, is excited to celebrate the playlist’s 10th anniversary by revealing these remarkable statistics.

Source: Musically