Summary of BTS Star Jin completing Military Service

  • Jin, a BTS member, completed his mandatory South Korean military service and was discharged on Wednesday.
  • Fellow BTS members welcomed Jin at his army base in Yeoncheon county, celebrating with flowers and music.
  • Fans had decorated the area with banners, despite being urged by HYBE to avoid the site for safety reasons.
  • HYBE announced Jin’s discharge on Weverse, advising fans against visiting and stating no special events were planned.

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K-pop sensation Jin, a member of the globally renowned BTS, has completed his mandatory military service in South Korea. He was officially discharged on Wednesday, as observed by AFP reporters, making him the first among his bandmates to fulfill this obligation, allowing him to fully return to his musical career.

The seven members of BTS, the world’s most popular boy band, have been carrying out their military duties as required for all South Korean men under 30, a mandate due to the ongoing tensions with North Korea. BTS has been on a self-described “hiatus” since 2022.

BTS Jin on Instagram
BTS Jin photo from Instagram

Jin was greeted by fellow band members J-hope, V, RM, Jungkook, and Jimin at the gates of his army base in northern Yeoncheon county. RM played the saxophone, performing the hook of BTS’s hit song “Dynamite,” as the bandmates embraced Jin and presented him with a large bouquet of flowers.

Fans had decorated the area outside the base with colorful banners. One banner read, “Seok-jin you did so well for the last 548 days. We’ll stand by you with our unwavering love,” using Jin’s full first name. A giant balloon carried the message, “Worldwide handsome Seok-jin! Congratulations on your discharge.”

Yeoncheon county also displayed a banner that read, “BTS Jin, The last year and a half was a joy for us. Yeoncheon will not forget you!”

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Despite urging from the band’s agency HYBE for fans to stay away from the site for safety reasons, a few dedicated admirers were present early Wednesday outside the base.

HYBE announced Jin’s discharge on Weverse, a social media platform for superfans, earlier in the week. “We are excited to bring you the news of Jin’s upcoming military discharge,” the statement read. It also strongly advised fans to “refrain from visiting the site,” citing safety concerns, and clarified that no special events were planned.

Source: news.abs-cbn