• Cube Entertainment announces debut of new boy group “Nowadays”
  • Nowadays set to debut in the first half of this year, marking Cube’s first boy group launch in 8 years
  • Group consists of five members and aims to bring fresh energy to K-pop scene
  • Cube Entertainment’s commitment to nurturing talent and self-production sets high expectations for Nowadays
  • Anticipation and buzz surrounding Nowadays’ debut grows within global K-pop community

Cube Entertainment, a leading name in the K-pop industry, is gearing up for an exciting milestone with the introduction of their latest musical endeavor, the boy group “Nowadays.”

After an eight-year hiatus since their last boy group debut, Cube Entertainment is making waves once again as they prepare to unveil Nowadays to the world. Building on the success of (G)I-DLE, Cube Entertainment’s new boy group is expected to captivate audiences with their unique blend of visuals, vocals, and performance prowess.

With a track record of discovering and nurturing top-tier talent, Cube Entertainment has positioned itself as a powerhouse in the K-pop landscape. Their commitment to fostering “self-composing and self-producing” idols has garnered widespread acclaim, and fans are eagerly anticipating the distinct musical color that Nowadays is poised to bring to the stage.

The forthcoming debut of Nowadays has already generated significant buzz within the global K-pop community, with fans and industry insiders alike expressing keen interest in the group’s artistic direction and sonic identity. As Cube Entertainment continues to release teasers and details leading up to Nowadays’ debut, the excitement surrounding this new era in K-pop is reaching fever pitch.

Stay tuned for more updates as Cube Entertainment gears up to introduce the world to Nowadays, the newest addition to their roster of groundbreaking musical acts.

Source: KBS  (learn more about KBS- Korean Broadcasting System)