1. Landmark Event: IU to make history as the first Korean solo artist to perform at the prestigious Philippine Arena.
  2. Musical Legacy: From her debut with “Lost Child” to chart-topping hits like “Good Day,” IU’s journey to global stardom.
  3. Artistic Brilliance: IU’s latest achievements, including the release of ‘The Winning’ and captivating performances in music and acting.

IU, renowned as a powerhouse in the South Korean music scene, is all set to create history by becoming the first Korean solo artist to grace the grand stage of the Philippine Arena with her ‘H.E.R’ world tour on June 1, 2024. Presented by PULP Live World, this monumental event marks a significant milestone in IU’s illustrious career and promises an unforgettable experience for fans in Manila (Bulacan).

IU on instagram
Source: IU on Instagram

Since her debut in 2008 with the poignant single “Lost Child” and the subsequent release of her debut mini-album ‘Lost and Found,’ IU has garnered a devoted international following through her heartfelt vocals and profound lyrics. With chart-topping hits like “Good Day” in 2010, which earned her accolades such as the number one spot on Billboard Magazine’s “100 Greatest K-POP Songs of the 2010s” list, IU’s musical prowess became undeniable.

In a testament to her versatility and artistry, IU took on the roles of primary lyricist and executive producer for her fourth studio album, ‘Palette,’ in 2017, receiving critical acclaim and prestigious awards. Her recent sixth mini-album ‘The Winning,’ released in February 2024, showcases IU’s continuous evolution as an artist, with tracks like “Shopper” and “Love Wins All” dominating charts and captivating audiences worldwide.


Beyond her musical endeavors, IU has made significant contributions to the world of acting, featuring in popular Korean dramas like ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ and ‘Hotel Del Luna.’ Her multifaceted talent extends to the realm of cinema, where she continues to captivate audiences with her on-screen performances and contributions to soundtracks.

The 2024 IU ‘H.E.R’ world tour, which commenced in Seoul on March 2, 2024, signifies IU’s triumphant return to the global stage. The upcoming concert at the Philippine Arena holds immense significance as IU prepares to make history as the first Korean soloist to headline a show at this iconic venue. Anticipated by PH UAENA fans, this event promises an evening of enchanting music and magical moments, celebrating IU’s extraordinary talent and the unwavering support of her dedicated fanbase.

Source: allkpop