Trafalgar Releasing, known for concert films with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, reveals $120m revenue from K-Pop movies since 2018. Four new films set for 2024.

Summary of article

  1. Trafalgar Releasing reports over $120m in box-office earnings from K-Pop films since 2018.
  2. Partnership with CD 4Dplex to produce and distribute four more K-Pop movies in 2024.
  3. Aespa: World Tour kicks off the lineup, screening in 45+ countries on 24 and 27 April.

The success of concert films by global icons like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé is well-documented, but K-Pop movies have also emerged as blockbusters, as highlighted by Trafalgar Releasing.

Since diving into the realm of K-Pop cinema in 2018 with collaborations featuring BTS, Trafalgar Releasing proudly states that their K-Pop ventures have amassed a staggering $120 million in box-office earnings.

This milestone came to light during Trafalgar Releasing’s strategic unveiling, where they disclosed upcoming endeavors in conjunction with South Korean cinema-tech powerhouse CD 4Dplex.

Excitingly, the duo plans to kick off 2024 with the production and distribution of four new K-Pop films. The lineup commences with the much-anticipated ‘Aespa: World Tour’, slated to captivate audiences across more than 45 countries on the 24th and 27th of April.

In expressing his enthusiasm for the genre, Trafalgar Releasing CEO Marc Allenby emphasized the dominant position K-Pop has claimed in the event cinema landscape and reiterated the company’s commitment to nurturing its growth and prosperity.

Source: Musically