• Blackpink’s Lisa celebrates her 27th birthday in style, sharing insights on her lavish home and upcoming projects.
  • Lisa reveals her sophisticated beige-themed duplex home and showcases her new Mercedes Benz g-63 Mansory White.
  • Fans are excited for Lisa’s upcoming album release and acting debut in ‘The White Lotus’, while Blackpink members send warm birthday wishes.

Blackpink’s very own maknae, Lalisa Manoban, popularly known as Lisa, marked her 27th birthday in style today. The multifaceted singer and rapper delighted her fans by offering a glimpse into her lavish abode and sharing exciting updates on her upcoming projects.

Blackpink's Lisa
Source: Lisa on Instagram

In a recent video posted on LLOUD, her newly established talent management agency’s channel, Lisa provided an exclusive tour of her exquisite home. The decor exuded elegance with a predominant theme of soothing beige tones, creating a serene ambiance throughout the duplex property. Marble flooring added a touch of sophistication to every room, showcasing Lisa’s refined taste in interior design.

Not stopping at showcasing her luxurious living space, Kpop sensation Lisa, a fervent car aficionado, introduced her latest acquisition – a stunning Mercedes Benz g-63 Mansory White. This prestigious vehicle is a testament to Lisa’s flair for luxury and style.

Exciting news emerged as Lisa disclosed her plans for the year, hinting at an upcoming album release that has left fans eagerly awaiting more musical magic from the talented artist. Furthermore, Lisa is set to make her acting debut in the highly anticipated third season of the acclaimed HBO series, ‘The White Lotus’, adding another feather to her cap of achievements.

Amidst the birthday celebrations, Lisa’s fellow Blackpink members took to Instagram to shower her with warm wishes and heartfelt messages. Jennie expressed her admiration for Lisa’s dance prowess, emphasizing her eternal status as the dancing queen. Jisoo, the eldest member of the group, reminisced about watching Lisa grow over the years, highlighting the special bond they share as friends and colleagues.

Blackpink's Lalisa Manoban
Source: Blackpink’s Lalisa Manoban on Instagram

The camaraderie amongst the Blackpink members was palpable as they united to celebrate Lisa’s milestone birthday, reflecting the strong bond and friendship that defines the group’s dynamic. As Lisa embarks on another year filled with exciting opportunities and ventures, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate the musical and acting brilliance she is poised to bring to the forefront.

Source:Economic Times/India Times