• MBC announced the return of ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ (ISAC) after a two-year hiatus.
  • ISAC will be recorded in August and air as a Chuseok special.
  • Fans have mixed reactions due to past safety concerns and new competitors.
  • ISAC has been popular since 2010, showcasing idols’ athletic skills in various sports.

In a June 20 press release, MBC announced the highly anticipated return of the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ (ISAC) after a two-year break. The program, a staple of holiday entertainment, is set to make its grand comeback as a Chuseok special, scheduled for recording in August and airing during the holiday season.

ISAC, which first premiered in 2010, has garnered a dedicated following by featuring famous idol groups competing in a variety of sports. Initially focused on track and field events, the show has expanded its repertoire to include football, rhythmic gymnastics, and even eSports. The variety show has been a platform for idols to showcase their athletic prowess, drawing in large audiences each Lunar New Year and Chuseok.

In 2018, the Chuseok special of ISAC reached an impressive peak viewership rating of 18.7% nationwide, according to Nielsen Korea. This achievement solidified its status as a flagship holiday entertainment program, beloved by fans across the nation.

However, the show’s return has elicited mixed feelings among fans. While many are excited to see their favorite idols compete again, safety concerns have tempered the enthusiasm. Past editions of ISAC have seen frequent injuries among participating idols, raising questions about the adequacy of safety measures. Additionally, issues of safety and mistreatment among live audiences have been persistent concerns, despite ongoing efforts by the production team to address these problems.

The re-emergence of new competitors in the entertainment space has also added a layer of complexity to ISAC’s return. Fans are eager to see how the show will evolve and adapt to maintain its status amid the changing landscape of variety programming.

As ISAC prepares for its comeback, the production team faces the dual challenge of ensuring the safety of participants and audiences while delivering the high-energy, competitive spectacle that has made the show a holiday favorite. The mixed reactions from fans reflect the balancing act required to honor the program’s legacy while addressing its past issues.

Source: Allkpop