Seventeen Set to Make K-pop History at Glastonbury


  • Seventeen is the first K-pop act to perform on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage, highlighting their global influence.
  • The 13-member band stands out for writing and producing their own music, unlike many K-pop groups.
  • Seventeen’s journey from rigorous training to global success showcases their dedication and unique creative control.

The biggest act on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage this year isn’t Coldplay or Dua Lipa. It’s Seventeen, a K-pop boyband with 13 members that sold over 10 million albums last year, second only to Taylor Swift.

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K-pop’s Reluctant Reception in the UK

Despite K-pop’s global success, the UK has been slow to embrace the genre. Bands like BTS, Blackpink, Aespa, and Stray Kids have made inroads, but UK radio often prefers songs in English, like BTS’s “Dynamite” and “Butter”. Collaborations with Western artists have also helped boost K-pop’s visibility.

Seventeen’s Unique Approach

Seventeen's Historic Glastonbury Debut: A K-pop Milestone
Source: seventeen official instagram page

Seventeen stands out by not relying on collaborations and by writing and producing their own music. Now, they’re making history as the first K-pop act on Glastonbury’s main stage. Band leader S Coups acknowledges the honor, saying, “We’ll do our best to blow everybody away… Not just our fans, but every other member of the audience.”

Diverse Line-Up at Glastonbury

This year’s Glastonbury moves further from its rock roots, featuring Afrobeat icons Burna Boy and Ayra Starr, pop star Dua Lipa, and R&B sensation SZA. Seventeen will perform shortly after lunchtime on Friday. S Coups remains positive about the early slot, believing the daylight will enhance their performance.

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Origins and Formation

Seventeen’s journey began in the basement of South Korean entertainment company Pledis, where members endured a grueling apprenticeship. Rapper Jeon Won-woo recalls the process lasting four to five years, with fans following their progress on the livestream show Seventeen TV.

Creative Control and Musical Mastery

Seventeen's Historic Glastonbury Debut: A K-pop Milestone
Source: seventeen official instagram page

During a hiatus in their training, member Woozi, a classically-trained musician, began creating their music, leading to over 140 songs. S Coups explains that this involvement in their creative process makes their music more authentic and is a point of pride for the band.

Debut and Growth

Seventeen debuted in May 2015 with a live showcase and their first EP, “17 Carat.” The 13 members are divided into vocal, hip-hop, and dance teams, embodying their name’s formula: 13 members + 3 units + 1 band = 17.

Team Dynamics and Injuries

Each member contributes uniquely: Woozi oversees music, Hoshi leads choreography, Joshua plays guitar, Seungkwan and DK are vocal powerhouses, and The 8 is a fashionista. However, injuries are common due to their demanding choreography.

Rising Success

Seventeen’s debut EP sold modestly, but a decade of hard work has led to millions of sales. Their sound has evolved, with recent tracks like “Super” celebrating their internal strength and resilience.

Future Goals and Recognition

Seventeen's Historic Glastonbury Debut: A K-pop Milestone
Source: seventeen official instagram page

On the eve of their Glastonbury performance, Seventeen will be named Unesco goodwill ambassadors for youth. Their latest compilation, “17 Is Right Here,” includes all their singles and a new track, “Maestro,” symbolizing their journey and creative spirit.

Ambitions Beyond Glastonbury

Seventeen aims to expand their audience further with a world tour planned for the end of the year. S Coups expresses their ambition: “We want to become even more successful and reach fans in as many countries as possible.”